I referred Mr. More in regards to my 3 year old daughter.  Ever since, she was born, she had a very weak digestive system.  She would throw up a lot and had diarrhea at least once a week.  We went through numerous doctor and tests but did not find anything substantial.  However, she was prescribed an acidity medication. While the medication helped but the throw up would re occur if the medication wasn’t given for a week. I felt we needed to get to the root cause instead of a symptomatic approach to her problem.  Thats when I decided to look in alternate medication and discussed her situation with Mr. More.  He took the time to go over her condition in detail with me.  After half an hour question session, he prescribed her a mediation.  Within a week into the medication we found a significant difference in health condition.   Her digestive system has improved significantly and we haven’t seen many instances of diarrhea and Vomitting in the last 6 months.

JB, San RamonCA

I have known Mr. Jyoti More as a person for close to 10 years now and as an Ayurveda enthusiast/healer for the past 3 years now. He has always been a very helpful and friendly person and the knowledge of Ayurveda has equipped him with an excellent tool to help others. He is very passionate about Ayurveda and likes to get into the details of the topic and problem being discussed. He has not only provided me with an Ayurvedic remedy and solution for my problems but also explained the underlying philosophy and principle behind the treatment during the process. I have consulted Jyoti on multiple occasions for my problems and every time he has amazed me with his knowledge and insight into the subject. Thankfully I haven’t had to visit a physician since I started following Ayurvedic principles and diets as suggested by Jyoti. Good luck with your Ayurvedic endeavors and keep up the excellent work

Santosh K. GuptaNew York

I have been consulting Jyoti More for last two years regarding my health issues. His clinical sense is great and he gets to the root of the symptoms. The treatment is very methodical and the best part is that he connects with his patients very well and details them on the treatment procedure and how herbs, food habits and even surroundings are going to benefit. His treatment has greatly benefitted me. I would highly recommend him.

SwatiNew York

I am 32.I had hyperacidity since college days. I tried various medicines but in vain. It never got better but worse. I lost faith in every Treatment until I came across Ayurveda through Jyoti More. I thought to give Ayurvedic Treatment a try. As advised I started with altering my food habits (avoiding curd, fermented food and Tomatoes).To my surprise, within a month I could feel the relief .Even my mother who was on regular allopathic pills for last few months could feel the difference and has stopped taking allopathic pills. We are now under Ayurvedic medication and can constantly feel the difference