Samprapti – Roadmap of Vyadhi ( Disease )

Samprapti – Roadmap of Vyadhi ( Disease )

Samprapti in Ayurveda provides the insight into how the Vyadhi ( disease ) happens and what are the affected Dosa, Dhatu, Mala etc.

Vaghbhatt specially fancies writing this in poetic form and so it is easy to visualize. Also, so much is said in so little words, that i am often awe struck.

For example, lets take the Swas Vyadhi ( Difficulty in Breathing …sometimes compared with Asthama ,… but don’t go by that ) … the samprapti says




Only 3 line and we kind of know the insight . Also, if we know this than chikitsya becomes easy and we can quickly select whole range of Remedies from Ahar ( food ), Vihar ( Lifestyle ) and Dravyas ( both found in kitchen and otherwise ) to control and manage this.

Please forgive if any mistakes, but here is my understaning

1st line – Vayu is obstructed by Kapha or in other words the functions of air like Breathing is is obstructed

2nd line – It impacts Pran ( life ), Anna ( Food ), Ambu ( Water ) channels in the body

3rd line – It resides in the Chest ( ura ) region but starts in the stomach

Now lets talk in some basic language

Kapha ( combination of heavy elements like Earth and Water ) is obstructed in the chest region which disturbs the life

So what we need to do — Break the obstruction of this Kapha … actually before that stop the causative factors that might lead to this. Stop consuming cold, heavy food and liquids and apply some tricks to break the accumulation of current kapha. Breaking can be done by Teekshna ( that breaks bonds, usually of type Salt and Pepper taste )  property herbs

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