• 7-8 hours. No exception. I have heard stories where people sleep only 4-5 hours and they are doing excellent. I would say such people if exists, are blessed. It is upto you to see whether you will feel completely rested when you wake up when you sleep less than 7-8 hours. If not, that means you are sleep depriving yourself and if you don’t repay the sleep debt pretty soon, the nature will make you pay and it might come with some interest in form of disease, hair loss etc.
  • Lets go to the basic question ? Why do we brush in the morning ? One theory is that we need to clean our teeth, but in that case, we can clean it in the night itself, why wait till morning ( by the way, Ayurveda recommends teeth cleaning after every meal ) . In Ayurveda, the reasons for brushing are different. As we know, mouth has a very important role to play, so we need to take care of it. It consists of teeth, gums, tongue and it is also entry point to the rest of the body. We need to prepare them for the day and take care of like the entire body, so that they can take care of us … ask somebody who have lost teeth and they can tell the importance. We have to take care of all these teeth, gums, tongue. Always yes always … clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner, it takes care of removing the toxins. Now you need to take care of gums. These are the muscles of your teeth, as any other muscles, it needs massage go for hand brushing…. touch the gums, …feel the gums …caress the gums … they are the muscles of mouth. Now coming to teeth, what is actually needed is removal of toxins. The best taste to do that is Bitter, Pungent.etc. I doubt if Sweet taste is every used for cleaning.. so wonder why so many toothpaste are sweet tasting. Also, move to using your hands to brush ( avoid that brush which has more germs than probably your toilet seat)
  • Mouthwash — yes Ayurveda prescribes mouth wash. It should be done with oil. you can take Sesame Oil and gargle the mouth every morning
  • Ideally once, but it is ok if twice.
  • I am surprised to see , so many children wearing corrective lenses and yet parents taking it casually or not knowing what is causing it. It is disheartening that when we go to consult an eye condition, there is hardly any mention of food. While slowly, modern day science is realizing is the importance of food in diseases of heart conditions, but at the same time there is hardly any mention of food with so many other conditions like cancer, eye diseases …etc. Also, wearing glasses, has become a fashion statement or sometimes the sign that the kid is a studious one. …. its time to know more about this
  • There are 84 types of eye conditions described in science of Ayurveda
  • Lets start with what is not good for eyes — Generally Vegetables, excessive use of food with sour or salt are not good. Similarly fermented foods are not considered good for eyes
  • What can be done on daily basis for good eyes
    1. Ghee is good for eyes. Replace your cooking oil with ghee
    2. Oil massage, specially to the feet is considered very good for eyes
  • Eating Honey is good for eyes
    1. Yes, every human can benefit … in fact there was Ayurveda for Veterinary science ( Elephants, Cows …etc … but that’s for later day ), but lets get the humans back on track first
    2. On a regular basis you can do the following
    • At least drink a glass of full fat milk
    • Unsalted butter
    • Daily Oil Massage including at the foot and head
    • Oil Pouring in Ear
    • Rely mainly on Grain and Sweet diet — Yes that builds strong and sustainable body
    • Do not stress too much on vegetables
    • Finally … watch out for worms .. signs are Anal itching, discoloration of skin, spots on nail, teeth grinding at night, very strong affinity to certain foods like ice cream, water , grapes
    • One spoon of raw, organic, unfiltered Honey
  • Exercise is essential for good health and it is again very extensively researched and described in Ayurveda. As individual is treated uniquely, there is no common rule that one should exercise 2 miles a day or swim 4 laps.
  • In general exercise is recommended to be done daily. There is exception for ladies to skip exercise and take complete rest during menstrual cycles
  • Ayurveda also strictly prohibits too much exercise unless you are a professional athlete. It believes in treating the body gently and building the exercise capacity slowly and gradually … like any other thing in nature. In general exercise should be done after oil application and before bath. One should stop exercising when these signs are seen
    1. Breathing from mouth or
    2. Sweating on forehead
  • Daily exercise will extend the time period when the above conditions happens. You will see that on first day you will breadth from mouth after 10 push ups but after 10 days it might increase to 15 push ups to reach that condition
  • Please also refer to when one should exercise
    • Tons of research and complete chapter is dedicated to pregnancy and childbirth. It may sound amazing, but it describes in details of how to conceive a healthy child, how the womb develop on a monthly basis, how to maintain a healthy womb and what are the precautions and also most importantly what to do after childbirth. It talks in details about what to do avoid miscarriage or when there is difficulty conceiving
    • Before child birth
    • Things that help conceive
    • things that help maintain the womb
    • Development of womb month by month
    1. first month: womb is formed like a ball like structure
    2. 2nd: It becomes thicker and has shapes oval ( male ), elongated ( female ), or semi-circular ( in between )
    3. Heart of the fetus is formed from the heart of the mother and is connected with it. Hence, one should not ignore the wishes and likings of the mother. If ignored , it may lead to abnormalities or even abortion. If the wishes are not beneficial, then such should be given in small quantities mixed with other good things
    4. 3rd: In 3rd month, 5 organs expressed ( heard, 2 hands, 2 legs). some other organs are also formed in very small size. Now the Fetus understands Happiness and Sorrow…is not that powerful to know
    5. 4th: All organs are expressed nicely
    6. 5th: Sensation is formed
    7. 6th: Skin, blood vessels, strength, tails, body hair are formed. This is the time to apply some treatments to get the baby nicer. There are many examples, where an Ayurvedic or super baby can be different and better than the previous ones, when particular herbs are taken according to fetus development
    8. 7th: all organs are completely formed. The mother may get symptoms of Itching, Burning and black lines on the chest and abdomen region
    9. 8th: The life travels between the mother and baby and hence mother feels weak and energetic alternatively. If baby is born during this time, there is a chance that either the baby or the mother will survive
    10. 9th: From the first day of nine month, the mother is ready to delivery. We should not mess up with regular delivery even if does not happen upto 12th month
    • What to do each month to get a super baby
    • what do do after child birth for cleaning the body and gaining the strength back … there are so many diseases that happen after child birth which can be avoided if the ayurvedic principles are followed
  • Yes it matters. Follow these guidelines
    • Exercise early in the morning — I call it the think like “Butter in the frying Pan” example. Try these ( may be only in brain )
      1. Put butter on Pan and Heat it
      2. Put Bread, on top of it butter and heat it
      3. In which condition butter melts faster — of course 1st one. Why, because direct heat is applied to butter instead of going through the bread. Similarly, doing exercise in empty stomach in the morning when the fat and toxins are ready to melt is better then any other time of the day
    • Exercise after oil application
    • take shower after exercise
    • for ladies, avoid during mensural cycles
  • As per Ayurveda, shower is recommended and the benefits of shower are cleansing, it gives strength and energy to body, it ignites hunger and increases life. Ayurveda recommends luke warm water from neck downward region and cold to room temperature water for head region. Using hot/warm water for head region is not recommended and it can cause hair loss or greying of hair.
  • Since ages,external beauty and cleanliness was a hot topic … who does not want to look clean and beautiful.
  • There are several ways that helps one keep clean including soaps…. but the key question is what kind of soap and what is insider it
  • skin is the big mouth, it all goes in. i would not apply anything that i am not willing to eat … i am astounded as how do we apply those creams, soaps, shampoos
  • I consider the skin as the big mouth. Anything you put on this will go inside your bod. I would generally not apply anything to skin that i am not willing to eat … i am astounded as how do we apply those creams, soaps, shampoos , make ups …full of toxins and petrochemicals … just for looking good and yet injecting ourselves with poisonous substances.
  • I think the best way to understand this is to first understand what does fasting do ? By this, i mean, what happens inside our body and mind, when the person goes through fasting.
  • Fasting does not mean that body has nothing to eat. All it means is that outside supply of food has stopped. Once the outside supply is stopped, body is very smart to use the rainy day funds, which is already stored inside the body. So now lets see what is available for body that is already stored inside and more importantly is there a particular sequence in which the body would eat the internal storage. Once again, i would say that body is much smarter than we think. It first looks at food that has not been digested … last night’s pizza … a week back’s fat that came out of extra snacking … the fat sitting in your belly …etc. Its similar to when you run out of money, you look if there is money stored in the house, either in the form of dollar bills that you had stacked earlier or coins laying around at different places. You can consider this as cleansing. Often, this first pool of reserve can last for few days. Often, the body feels much lighter, more energetic and you have also shed extra pounds that you could not do earlier. Also, it may lead to lowering of cholesterol
  • So, in general fasting is a cleansing methodology and recommended in many conditions which are result of over eating, frequent eating ..etc
  • Fasting in often recommended in fever. Fasting is the fastest way to get rid of fever. As the body digests the toxins, slowly the digestive fire that is spread to the skin, goes back to the stomach. Person starts to feel hungry and it means it is ready to take new food. If we instead take some medication to hide the temperature and keep eating food, there is a chance the fever will come back soon and the toxins instead of getting out, will accumulate more. The signs to watch during fasting is that bowel movement is still happening .. doesn’t it raise a question … if i am not eating how is this waste produced … well it is a result of digesting the undigested or the toxins inside the body. Generally during this phase of fasting, person does not feel very week. If needed you can seep hot water ( you can add dried ginger during heating the water ). The signs to stop fasting is that the hunger has fully come back . When you start eating again, start with light foods like soups and gradually move to heavier diets like rice, rice and daal ..etc.
  • It is fine to have some coating when you wake up. But if the coating appears after cleaning or during the day, it indicates you have lot of undigested food in the body. Typically, this is seen when fever is present. Best thing to do in such condition is fasting. During fasting body gets rids of these undigested or toxins
  • Not applying Oil to head, feet, ears — We often spend so much time and money applying toxic products to our skin either to artificially make look good or make it look oily. These toxic products enters our body and acts like slow poison. Instead, we should use raw , organic oils ( Sesame during cold times and coconut during warmer temperatures ). This kind of oil application keeps our mind cool and body healthy and ensures that all the functions of the body are performing at optimum level.
  • Not chewing enough – We often don’t pay attention to food while eating. We often make this as a side job while doing reading, watching television …etc. In this process, we gulp food rather than chewing it. There is a saying that the job that is suppose to be done by teeth is instead done by stomach, then we are inviting all sorts of trouble. This is what happens when we don’t chew enough or enjoy or relish the food when eating. Millions … yes millions and may be billion or more people don’t get to put enough in their plate to fill the stomach, yet the fortunate few who does, does not respect that.
  • Walking right after eating — please refer to the section “ common mistakes committed by software professionals” for this information
  • Taking salt/sour products with Milk or Milk Tea — This is considered as poisonous combination as per Ayurveda. Please refer to poisonous combination section
  • GMO food — Please read the section on this topic
  • Some of the common things that Software Professional life style has forced us to do can be unhealthy in nature. Some of them are listed below. If we can avoid or minimize than the dramatic aging and other unhealthy things that we see so early in these individuals can be controlled or avoided
    • Late nights – It leads to greying of hair, baldness and eye disorders
    • Too much screen time — It leads to greying, baldness, digestive issues
    • Outside food – It may taste good, but we all know that these are not healthy as home food nor provide the right nourishment
    • Snacking — Solid food should not be eaten unless there is a minimum of 5 hour gap between meals
    • Free food — Companies have come up with idea of free food or snacks in office. There is a saying that is true even today .. there is no “free lunch”. Think about it, the moment you grab that free lunch inside the office, you potentially give away the following things — home food ( there is no replacement for this ), small walk to pick your lunch … its a break worthwhile, the chance to chat with somebody, a chance to take your eyes of that computer …etc
    • Moving between Air Conditioned environment and Natural Environment — Most of the offices have controlled air conditioned environment. Often the environment outside the office is quite different. When a person moves between these environment, while coming to office, during lunch or while going back, the body has to abruptly adjust to these changes. Nobody including our body like abrupt changes .. it puts lot of strain in our system and it shows up either in early aging or creating conditions for diseases.
    • Laptop on the lap — It has become so common to see this sight these days. People often place the laptop on the lap ( … duh .. the name itself suggests this ). Apart from all the effects on eyes for bright screen, early hair loss …etc , the other evil that it does is to transfer the heat of the laptop to your body in that particular region. As Per Ayurveda, the reproductive capabilities, specially for male is hampered when lap is exposed to heat
    • Bonding with partners after eating — The modern lifestyle has squeezed the quality time or the availability of time to spend with our loved ones. This often results in mating after eating. This is considered unhealthy from the science of Ayurveda. It is described as causative factor for many diseases and hence should be avoided. There should be a gap of at least couple hours if not more
    • Walking after eating — I don’t know where the idea originated, but there is a trend these days to go for a walk after lunch or dinner. Walking is a form of exercise and should be done before food and not after food. Even a slow walking is still an exercise. Ayurveda prescribes no more than one hundred steps after eating. Switch the same walking to before food and suddenly instead of being harmful and disease creating, it will become helpful and health creating. You will also feel more hungry and the body will will digest the food properly leading to less undigested food like cholesterol
    • Overnight food — Food kept overnight is a dead food as per Ayurveda. Dead food cannot provide energy or the quality of energy that we need. I am surprised to hear that people for various reasons including lack of time and convenience purpose, cook food in advance and store them for days and weeks to be consumed later. This is as unhealthy as it gets. This is considered slow poison as per Ayurveda and a causative factor for many diseases
    • Alcohol in summer – Alcohol is extremely heat creating inside the body.Our elders knew this and that is why the it was more prevalent in cold countries or in cold season. However, these days it is more of a fashion and socializing and often this is consumed in summer days. Apart from many diseases it can create , it leads to more anger
    • Heating directly from fridge — Everythings needs a transition time including the food that is sitting in refrigerator. Abrupt temperature changes makes the food as slow poison. The recommendation is to slowly transition from one temperature to another. Let the food sit outside fridge for sometime and then slowly heat it. The extreme ends are refrigerator to microwave… anything you can do make it more gradual will help you
    • Lack or mental and body exercise — We have time to watch television for hours ( i heard the average person spends 3 or more hours in front of this idiot box ) , but they have no time to creatively engage brain or physical exercise. There is no substitute of these and no amount of medication can keep your body in shape, so do yourself a favor and get out of that couch
  • Day time sleeping is not recommended in the science of Ayurveda. It has many unwanted side effects. It increases body weight and fat. At most, after eating , you can take a 5-10 minute rest, by leaning on the left side of the body. There are some exceptions like children and aged. Also, it is ok to have a quick nap in summer time
  • Nature always and each and every moment acts in our body .. whether that is the Sun in the daytime, the Wind, the Rain, the Moon at night
  • Staying awake at night causes the following inside our body
    • Dryness
    • Greying of hair
    • Falling of hair
    • Eye disorders and Quicker path to Specs
    • Constipation
  • However, sometimes we land up with jobs that make us work at night or we develop habits of staying awake late at night for various other reason. In such cases, the first recommendation is to see if you can find another job. If that is not possible or if you have an excuse, then we have to think about damage control — please note this is only damage control and not ideal. Here are some things that you can do lessen the negative impacts
    1. When you come back home, sleep first for half the normal time ( 4 hours ) in hungry stomach. Do not eat before sleeping
    2. Apply oil to your body and hair regularly
  • Honey
  • Ghee
  • Sesame Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Chandra Prabha Vati
  • Triphala Churna
  • Dry Ginger Powder
    • Of course it does. … These days migration is so common that people spend half of their life in one continent and other half in different one. There are things that we need to watch though. Ayurveda gives lot emphasis on the place , the climate, the origin of food, what type of food you are use to …etc. I will go little deeper on this topic.
    • As you will notice that different regions in the world have different food habits. Even within a country there are different styles of food and different kinds of grains, spices …etc. In india itself there are North Indian Cuisines, South Indian Cuisine, East Indian Cuisine, Gujarati cuisines …. so on so forth. Also, within these cuisines, there were additions or changes done as per season/climate. For example, it was a tradition to eat Sesame Seed Sweet in winter season. These were all designed based on scientific principle. Yes, all of us don’t understand those principles, but why i need to understand science of aviation to take a flight. .. i trust that on the aviation expert … similarly common man were not bothered on the reason for these traditions, but it was told to them it was good and they had the trust on those who proposed and spoke about this. This is how our lifestyle was designed. There were elements introduced in our diet to create the balance of nature and human
    • Now coming to the question of does it matter if my place has changed ? May not be but most likely yes. Say, you were in primarily a hot climate and hence your diet was created to keep you cool ( i guess everybody needs that .. ). Now, if you move to a cold country and consume the same diet, is it going to help much .. probably not.. why… because you are going against the nature. If a person from South India origin consumes lot of South Indian Dishes in Delhi, then there are diseases bound to happen as the change in place has taken them to a place previously adjacent to sea region vs to a new place which is far far away from sea and salty climate and is hot and dry and not humid. So, please consult a good vaidya
    • The reverse is also seen. It is commonly observed, that once we live in a new place, we quickly change our food habits of the new place. Ayurveda says that any adoption of new food should be done in a very gradual pace. For example, if we are use to rice and suddenly start eating Quinoa, which we are not used to, then the body would initially perceive as foreign body and may resist or see it as enemy. We should first see whether we really need to replace the rice or wheat for Quinoa ( same applies to Oatmeal ) and even if needed, try to very gradually adopt it. The analogy i would make is, a Person speaks English in one part of the world, now if goes to a new place, where he has a choice of speaking english and french, which one would be pick .. i guess the choice is natural English. However, out of fashion, he wants to speak French, then it is going to be a learning curve and lot of energy and time is going to be spent on that. Similarly, when the body is introduced to a new food, its like the introduction of new language to them .. it does not know how to process that food and may also get confused if it is food or poison and may not accept it and cause several diseases including higher cholesterol
  • Gold is considered as Sweet. Helps in bringing good fortune, fights Toxins
  • Silver – Amla
  • Lead – Lavana
  • Tikta – bronze
  • Kkhaya – Mukta, Prawal