Honey Water

Honey Water

This is a very good preparation that can help in loosing weight. Please take only if advised by a knowledgeable practitioner.

It should be taken early morning ideally as replacement for breakfast or with little breakfast

  1. Take 800 ml of Water in a pan
  2. Heat it in medium flame
  3. Let it boil and evaporate till only 100 ml remains
  4. Let it sit and cool down completely
  5. Mix 25 grams of Honey in this 100 ml of water
  6. Drink this

Points To Note

  • As per Ayurveda, Honey should NEVER be mixed with Hot Water.
  • For best results, Try to get Raw Organic Unfiltered local Honey


  • Honey cures cold symptoms as it is hot in nature. TRUTH is honey cures cold by being dry in nature and hence soaks all the water element associated with cold and by breaking the cold accumulation and cleans the body with its vacuum like action

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