Common Conditions

  • There can be several reasons why kid may not be eating as per
  • Generally till age 16 ( 01-6 age is considered as Growing age as per science of Ayurveda) . In these years of growth, the body needs food that helps them to grow. Sweet foods ( of course the good kind like milk, wheat , rice, sweet dishes ) provides this growth and nourishment. No wonder kids don’t like bitter foods like vegetables, because the body is smart, it knows what it needs and hence the kids resist vegetables
  • If the kids still does not like food like rice,wheat, sweet dishes… then we have to think about worms ( covered in how kids can benefit )
  • Every disease in Ayurveda defines the following
    1. What are the causative factors
    2. What the pre-symptoms
    3. what the symptoms
    4. what are side-effects ( example: fever due to another disease )
    5. Whether it is treatable or not
    6. when treatable, does the personal has to stay on herbs for short time or lifelong
  • A good vaidya, by examination of current symptoms, past history, causative factors , genetics ..etc diagnose the condition and determine the best path of action
  • Tongue is a window to the health of the person. The size, shape, color, marks ..etc on the tongue can tell a lot about the health of the person. That is why tongue examination is very important in Ayurveda.
  • It is fine to have some coating when you wake up. But if the coating appears after cleaning or during the day, it indicates you have lot of undigested food in the body. Typically, this is seen when fever is present. Best thing to do in such condition is fasting. During fasting body gets rids of these undigested or toxins
  • There can be marks on tongue if worms are present
  • Every element in the body is an indicator of health or disease. A good practitioner knows how to read these signs. Since ages, the stool has been examined to find out the exact nature of disorder. Its only recently that modern science has stopped examining it … i guess for convenience reason. In fact there is a Vaidya in India, who by only examining the stool is able to treat a patient very successfully.… well if the line of patients outside his house is any indicator, then he is hugely successful. Similarly, there is a healer in UK (featured in Dr Oz show ), who just examines ears and eyes and can tell everything about a person including knee surgery that was done few years ago.   Answers to following question gives hints or confirms various condition
    • Does it sink or float
    • Color
    • Smell
    • Is it formed or not
    • Does it contain food particle
    • does it come with lot of sound
    • Is the process painful
  • Next time, when a vaidya asks about these , please don’t be shy and be honest … you will do yourself a tons of good. I have seen this tendency among people ,when asked these questions, they get uncomfortable and to avoid further questions , they say everything is fine … how i do i know the person was not honest … sometimes their partner would say otherwise about them
  • There are 20 types of diabetes like condition described in Ayurveda. Frequent urination and high glucose levels in blood is not a new condition. Since ages, human use to indulge in food and lifestyle that caused these conditions. The good news is that most of these conditions are treatable and even better is the fact that it does not just treat the symptom but the root cause. It has done extensive research on the causative factors as well as the early signs. Early signs include indigestion, body odour, laziness, liking of cold things, dryness of throat, sweet taste in mouth and burning sensation in hands and feet. If not taken care, it goes to frequent urination and one such sign is waking in middle of night to go to urinate. … and you thought that is a modern day problem. There are 20 types of diabetic like conditions described in Ayurveda …. this is not just a modern day disease … yes it seems it is more prevalent today, but the condition of excessive urination combined with many other symptoms existed since for ages. As there are at least 20 types, obviously there is no one treatment. Depending on the type and stage the treatment can vary.
  • Watch your water intake. ( See Water). In diabetes, the body becomes a big pool of water ( that’s why person urinate more ), and all the organs slowly start melting and rotting in this pool of water ultimately leading to decay of those organs
  • If you have one, not a very good news as per Ayurveda. Its always inside out. The fact that certain disorders in the body has travelled all the way from inside the stomach crossing the boundaries of many layers of muscle, skin , blood … etc and reached the skin and stays there, means it took long time to form. This means that something went wrong ( knowingly or unknowingly ) in terms of food/lifestyle for long period time, which resulted in this condition. Good news is that it can most likely get corrected, but don’t expect an overnight miracle. Most of the modern approach is trying to hide the symptoms. As somebody said, its like trying to hide garbage with nice piece of cloth. It may look fine for few days but soon the garbage stinks and there is no place to hide.
  • As most of other things, skin conditions is tied to your food and lifestyle. It typically takes long time to heal and requires deep cleansing. Some of the main causative factors are the Poisonous food combination ( described in detail in that portion ), excessive use of Salt and Sour Taste, Exercise or Inter course after eating, Yogurt, Black Lentils, Flax Seeds, New Grains ( Grains should be at least 1 year old ), Fish ..etc and even Sins ( Telling lies , Abuse …etc )
  • There is extensive research done in Ayurveda related to Womens health and more and more people are benefitting from this science and research.
  • It is clear that when cycles are not proper, there is something going on in the body. This a a normal cleansing process of the body and whenever there are issues with it ( pain, too little flow, too much flow, clots, irregularity, number of days …etc), it points to some disorder in the body. All these are vital signs for the Vaidya to arrive at a diagnosis and recommend appropriate line of treatment
  • Ayurveda recommends the following during the menstrual cycles
    • Complete rest
    • No exercise
    • No regular activities like cooking
    • Since this is a cleansing process , it is very important that the body and mind observes rest during these days. Its the car in the garage for regular cleaning, you should not be driving during that time
  • The very first few cases that i took up as Vaidya was related to Head Aches. I was amazed how people get used to the head aches for 10,15 or 20 years and not getting much help with traditional methods.
  • The first thing to ask is if the person has any other conditions. Headache can be a side effects of other things like Constipation, Acidity, Allergies ..etc
  • Unfortunately, we don’t have a pop a pill ( pap – evil ) concept that anyone can take and it will hide the symptom. Everything has a cause and the job of a good Ayurvedic Practitioner is to find the causative factor for this head ache and then prescribe the food and lifestyle changes along with herbs. The herbs help to heal faster, but the causative factor needs to be taken for any recurrence of the condition. I find it amazing that in some practices, we continue to pop the pill and assume it will take care of root cause. Its like putting off the alarm bell and hoping that the fire will be doused
  • The other factors considered in headache is the time of the day it appears, does it get worse in summer or winter, does eating certain things makes it worse etc.
  • There are different natural personality types as per Ayurveda. Some are lean body structured, some are broad and then some in between. Ayurveda does not prescribe to change the body structure. So in the interest of individual’s health, it is better that not everybody tries or can achieve size 0.
  • Obesity and its cure is extensively researched in this science. Obesity has been a problem since ages. It is considered as difficult to treat and requires lot of commitment from the patient. For those looking for quick cure … i have to say sorry.
  • There are several things to ask to establish what kind of obesity or situation you are in. For example,can u remain hungry or not. Is your belly just grown outward or dangling. Are you eating less and still the weight is same.
  • Typically Input is equal to output. You have to ask yourself, are you eating more than you should. Is it that the body is not able to digest the food or that even if you eat less, still the weight does not decrease
  • The treatment typically involves both herbs, lifestyle changes and yes exercise. Infact Ayurveda says that you may have to walk 1000 Miles or dig a well ( old style ) by your own hands ( no machine tools ) to get rid of obesity …. so are you ready for that challenge
  • All joint pains are not same. It may be because of weakness, injury, side effect of other diseases, excess weight ..etc. So, depending on the type, the treatment varies
  • Here are some questions to ask
    1. Was there an operative procedure performed
    2. was there an injury
    3. Does the pain stays there or moves from one join to another
    4. is the pain worse when you wake up or it gets worse as the day progress
    5. does movement make it better or worse
    6. is there redness around
    7. Is the pain site warm to touch
    8. does applying oil increase the pain or reduces
    9. Does the person like touch at that site
  • It might be because of worms. Review other possible signs of worms in the kids section.
  • Origin, Health and maintenance of hair has been researched extensively in Ayurvedic science.
  • Hair, Nail, Teeth and Bones has very close relationship as per Ayurveda
  • Daily maintenance of hair requires head massage
  • Your food and lifestyle ( apart from Hereditary factors ) affects the following
    • Baldness
    • Greying
    • Patches of baldness
    • Thinning of hair
  • Hairs, Bones , Nails ..etc inherited from father’s side. By making appropriate food, lifestyle and herbal choices, we can eliminate or delay the onset of many hair related issues
  • Since the beginning of time, it has been desire of man and women to become beautiful. The science of Ayurveda has described natural procedures that can be deployed not only after birth, but even before birth … yes when the baby is in the womb to achieve this beauty. ( see sections on pregnancy and childbirth for more information) . Also procedures are defined to be used internally and externally. We all know that True beauty is not just skin deep. There are several herbs which does the purification of the body/blood which can provide a glowing skin. There are lot of common knowledge around herbs like Turmeric, Neem ..etc that are considered good for beautiful skin, but it is recommended that we consult a Vaidya as the line of herbs can vary based on the individual.
  • As per Ayurveda, in this condition the digestive fire inside the belly spreads to the rest of the body and hence we see the rise in temperature. So there is no fire in stomach to digest the food … no wonder that’s why we don’t feel hungry
  • Most of the time this is used by our smart body to get rid of the accumulated toxins. Our job is to help the body in this process of getting rid of toxins.
  • With this in mind, most of the times, we recommend fasting in fever. Fasting is the fastest way to get rid of fever. As the body digests the toxins, slowly the digestive fire that is spread to the skin, goes back to the stomach. Person starts to feel hungry and it means it is ready to take new food. If we instead take some medication to hide the temperature and keep eating food, there is a chance the fever will come back soon and the toxins instead of getting out, will accumulate more. The signs to watch during fasting is that bowel movement is still happening .. does it not raise a question ?… if i am not eating how is this waste produced, it is a result of digesting the undigested or the toxins inside the body. Generally during this phase of fasting, person does not feel very week. If needed you can seep hot water ( you can also a pinch of dried ginger while heating the water. The signs to stop fasting is that the hunger has fully come back . When you start eating again, start with light foods like soups ( broth ) and gradually move to heavier diets like rice, then rice and daal ..etc. Remember fruits, juices , milk …etc are very heavy to digest and hence not recommended. I feel bad, when i see, person after person forcing the person having fever to eat something … unknowingly they cause more harm than benefit.
  • Traditional Indian cooking and kitchen ingredients was designed in such a way that it was a pharmacy. Each and every individual ingredients can be helpful in treating some condition. Eating in the traditional way stopped the diseases in first place, and even if things did go wrong sometimes, we could treat most of the common conditions without going to a pharmacy.These are mentioned in individual chapters like wounds, cough, allergies, common cold etc.
  • I think wounds are generally of 3 types
    • Puss or liquids are oozing out — Apply honey
    • Fresh wound where blood is coming out – apply Haldi
    • Wound without pus or blood – apply ghee
  • First thing to ask is whether it is dry cough or wet cough. The treatment varies based on this.
    • Wet cough – Take ginger and grate it. Squeeze it over half teaspoon of honey and take it 3 times a day
    • Dry cough – Take ½ teaspoon unsalted butter , mix with ½ tea spoon of sugar and take it 2-3 times in a day
  1. Everybody has different definition of allergies … so we need to know that first. It is amazing people say i have allergy to pollen, i have allergy to this … to that … but never think for a moment that these are common elements that applies to all and hence why only few are affected by these? They never bother to think that there might be something wrong inside their body rather than outside.
  2. Taking tea spoon of Honey should generally prepare you for better defense with allergies.
  3. Since there can be many types of symptoms and many other factors to consider, i would recommend consulting with an expert
  • Joint pain have been present since ages. Ayurveda has done very detailed study on these conditions and most of the times these are treatable. The beauty is that it knows the root cause of this and hence can get rid of it totally and just does not take care of temporary relief of pain symptoms. In my personal experience, there were cases where the modern science had no cure but Ayurveda was able to help.
  • Its a kind of joint pain and very extensively researched in the science of Ayurveda. It clearly explains how it happens, when it aggravates and what can be done to handle this. Please consult a good practitioner.
  • This is very common these days. People generally start with popping some pills, which works for sometime and then either you have to take more or it does not work. Then the journey is to go from one doctor to another and may end up in some drastic measures like surgical procedures.
  • As per the science of Ayurveda in such conditions avoid Sour, Salty and Pungent foods. If there are sour burps, headache, previous history of Jaundice , Gall Bladder operation, then it might have reached a critical stage and consult a vaidya. It is serious condition,when even if a person does not eat sour foods, yet creates acidity. Immediately consult a Vaidya and there is help out there.
  • Don’t take it lightly. Your digestive system is the most critical system in the body and gas is the early symptom that things are not going well. Find the root cause ( with the help of Vaidya ) and treat it and you will save yourself a fortune, both in terms of money and suffering. There can be various causes of gas or bloating and each condition might need to be treated differently.
  • Just ask anybody who suffers it, just because it is common condition does not mean it is small thing. It is probably the origin of thousands of diseases including heart attack, acidity, headaches. In fact, in any other diseases, the first thing to check is whether you have constipation issues. If it is present ( which is true many a times ) then it is better to treat that first and most likely the other conditions will go away by itself.
  • As per Ayurveda, Health is only achieved when all the body, mind and soul are in perfect balance. Depression can be diagnosed and treated using Ayurvedic principle.
  • The science of Ayurveda deals extensively with mental faculty like intelligence, grasping power, focus, clarity. There are many food , herbs that can help us get mental clarity. The choice will depend and vary as per the individual and hence it would be good to consult a vaidya.
  • Somebody mentioned to me that we can replace 100s of modern medicines , treatments by Haldi alone. It is wonderful gift of nature. Its important was always known and hence used on a daily basis in traditional cooking — the glow or the yellow color in curries comes from this herb. Here are some more details
  • There is an indian tradition to have multiple names for the same thing to describe their properties. Haldi, similarly has some names and it will give clue to its properties
    • Haridra (One which improves skin complexion)
    • Kanchani (Which gives colour of Gold)
    • Nisha (Beautiful like Lunar night)
    • Krumighna (Which kills worms)
    • Yoshitapriya (Which is liked by young women).
  • It is used both internally and externally.
  • It has following properties
    • It absorbs excess water in the body
    • It produces slight heat
    • Helps in healing of wound ( refer to wound chapter )
    • Skin Diseases
    • Diabetic conditions
    • Itching
    • Paleness
  • Ayurveda is a science whose goal is to achieve healthy state of Body, Mind and Soul … so yes, it can treat conditions of stress. A good Vaidya will go into the causative factors of stress, which can be either food,lifestyle, thinking and determine the correct remedy to achieve the healthy state.
  • It may sound surprising, but it is a scientific fact that as part of scientific study done to date, it has not been proven if cholesterol has any role in health. In a study approved by scientific community, 50% of the people having high cholesterol did not have any heart disease and 50% of people having normal cholesterol had heart disease. So it shows in a scientific way that there is no relation of cholesterol with heart disease. In my personal opinion this is hype created by vested interest to keep their industry floating …. if you still take so called cholesterol lowering drugs … do care to read the side effects of drugs … you will be scared
  • Also there was a recent study from well known so called scientific institution that says that there is no relationship between the cholesterol found in the food and that found in the body
  • As per science of Ayurveda, these are undigested food inside the body. Since this is food and not toxins, the body also does not throw them out. Its like the stuff sitting in your garage, neither its garbage nor you are using it.
  • Blood is considered one of the most essential elements in the science of Ayurveda. Its primary function is to provide life “jeevan” to all the elements in the body. Ayurveda has given tools to find out what are the signs when there is less blood in the body, as well as signs when there is more blood in the body ( have you even thought that one could have more blood ! ) and also the signs when quantity is normal but the functioning is not proper. For example, one of the symptoms of having less blood is person having too much liking for cold and sour products. There are numerous diseases that can be caused by blood disorders and Ayurveda explains how to bring this balance back and how to control them … so shall we take our life back by going the Ayurvedic way.
  • Worms can exists inside the body. If your question is are all worms visible to human eyes .. the answer is no. So when a Vaidya thinks there are worms, don’t visualize big worm like insects inside your body
  • There are 4 types of worms as per Ayurveda
    • One that causes blood disorders
    • One that causes digestive issues
    • Lice ( present in hair ) are called as worms
    • finally the worms that sometimes people see in their stool
  • There are several to diagnose these worms and how to treat them. See the child section for signs of worms .. a fairly common condition in kids
  • If the child was a result of meeting between chromosome x and chromosome y, then we would not have infertility issues at all as per modern science. Even the most scientific modern treatments for infertility has a very low success rate. What does this mean ? it means there is more to life than meeting of X and Y
  • As per Ayurveda, it is a responsibility of the individual to produce a very healthy child who can be good citizen and hence it is not just producing a baby. It guides the person on how to have the child , what are the do’s and don’ts and how to cleanse the body of toxins before this mating happens, so that next generation can be disease free
  • In short, yes, Ayurveda can identify the causes which might be leading to infertility ( It might raise your eyebrows to know that keeping laptop in lap can be a cause of infertility as per Ayurveda … beware software professionals and laptop users … how does Ayurveda know about computers … as mentioned earlier the scientific principles of Ayurveda can be applied to modern things as well … if you remember the gravity example ). Ayurveda can help you conceive a very healthy child. Please consult a good Vaidya and see if your condition is treatable.
  • Like the gravity principle that was discovered hundreds of years back can be applied today to solve modern needs like flying to outer space , similarly the principles of the science of Ayurveda can be applied today to treat modern symptoms like Jet Lag. Simple things that you can do to avoid/minimize jet lag is to have a oil massage and pouring of oil in ear before and after the journey.
  • Typically body is smarter than we think. It has a very strong defense mechanism. If somebody is having loose motions, then body figured out that something that went in the body is not right and hence need to be thrown out. It then tries to throw out via the nearest channel , sometimes it is mouth and sometimes it is the other way. Typically, we should not hinder this natural process of cleansing. Only exception is if the person becomes very weak and cannot take it anymore,then only some medication can be given, but remember now that the toxins that the body was trying to throw is still in the body and can terrorize any time.
  • There can be several causative factors for this and the treatment can vary. However, at the very basic level, body is smart and the reason it is trying to throw everything in stomach is because it knows that there is something wrong that has been put inside. Usually,we should not hinder this natural cleansing process as often this would stop after the toxins have come out of the body. If this continues for a prolonged period or keeps repeating often or the person feels very weak, then consult a good practitioner.
  • If it is small wound, please refer to the wound chapter.
  • You should immediately seek help from professional.
  • In general, if head is not wounded, you can take a towel soaked in ghee and keep it on the head. If head is injured, avoid doing this.
  • Ayurveda can help in these conditions. There may not be any surgery required. The treatment can be both external and internal and excellent results are seen.
  • Till i started exploring the science of Ayurveda, i did not know that it was such a common condition. This is an age old condition and extensively researched in Ayurveda. You should consult a physician and most of the times this is treatable.
  • We have seen numerous people getting benefit from back pain in Ayurveda. Lower Back holds the structure of the body and pain can happen for multiple reasons. As per Ayurveda, its not just posture that can cause pain, but there might be other factors as well. You can try oil application and see if it gets better. You should consult a good Vaidya to diagnose the condition and establish the path of healing.
  • People with this condition can benefit from Ayurveda and most of the time from non surgical methods. Another beauty is that we can identify the root cause , so that it does not happen again.
  • Yes the science of Ayurveda can help. But the analysis has to be done on the basis of Ayurvedic principles and not just the report of blood sugar. Please refer to the diabetic section.
  • I have heard that this is a naturally occurring substance that is found in wheat. Human have been eating wheat for thousands of years without any issues. If you think you have gluten deficiency, please think that it may be more to do with some abnormality inside your body than gluten. Please refer to allergy section