Takra or Chaas or Buttermilk has lot of health benefits as per Ayurveda. It is –

  • Light to digest
  • Improves Digestion
  • Cures diseases of Kapha and Vata
  • Helpful in following diseases – Swelling, Udara, Piles, Grahani ( food particles are seen in stool ), Spleen, Artificial poisoning, Anemia etc.

This is how it can be prepared at home – 

  • Take 2 cup of yogurt ( dahi )
  • Mix 2 cup of water in it
  • Churn it very well. We recommend old fashioned hand churner. This is made of wood or metal ( Please see the picture . This is because the churning action should be both clockwise and anti-clockwise. Hence a mixer is not recommended
  • Froth will gather at top
  • Remove the froth
  • Take the liquid left over
  • Add Salt ( Himalayan Rock Salt preferred ) to taste
  • Add other digestive herbs like Hingu, Jeera, Ajwain etc. to taste
  • Drink to your good health

Points to Note

  • Just adding water to Curd/Yogurt is not Butter Milk at all. Please avoid this
  • Prepare Fresh every day. Don’t buy ready made or something kept overnight. Health is priceless and hence little effort is justified

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