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Takra or Chaas or Buttermilk has lot of health benefits as per Ayurveda. It is Light to digest Improves Digestion Cures diseases of Kapha and Vata Helpful in following diseases – Swelling, Udara, Piles, Grahani ( food particles are seen in stool ), Spleen, Artificial poisoning, Anemia …etc This is how it can be prepared [...]


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This is a very good preparation that can help in loosing weight. Please take only if advised by a knowledgeable practitioner. It should be taken early morning ideally as replacement for breakfast or with little breakfast   Take 800 ml of Water in a pan Heat it in medium flame Let it boil and evaporate [...]


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Yush, also known as Moong Daal ( Green Gram ) Soup is very helpful in maintaining good health. This can be taken on a regular basis. It helps ignite Agni ( Digestion ), controls Kapha , Good for Heart , Heals Wounds and used during Pancha Karma There are several ways people prepare this. This [...]

Samprapti – Roadmap of Vyadhi ( Disease )

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Samprapti in Ayurveda provides the insight into how the Vyadhi ( disease ) happens and what are the affected Dosa, Dhatu, Mala …etc Vaghbhatt specially fancies writing this in poetic form and so it is easy to visualize. Also, so much is said in so little words, that i am often awe struck.   For [...]